Island Hopping, Hopping, Hopping

Yesterday (and not for the first time) I wondered how other people see me; how, through the filter of their predispositions and hopes and fears, they perceive me. And it was at that moment it really hit me: the probable impossibility (as much as you might try empathise or whatever) of fully communicating your own soul to another person; and how locked (locked?) inside our minds, inside ourselves, inside our deeprooted and tangled neural networks, we all are; and how this can sometimes be frustrating, and lonely.

And how interesting and frightening and liberating it would be to see yourself, and see the world, even for one day, exactly as another person sees you, and it, and to then return to your own mind with the memory of what it’s like inside another’s, and how this process would open up Great Waves of Understanding and Empathy, maybe.


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