Montage #119

Some people take vows of silence. Some on certain days of the week refrain from food. Some choose celibacy. Some drink themselves oblivious. Some buy books, accumulate knowledge. Some surrender themselves to a restless impulse, and travel from one land, to another, and to another, and never settle down. Some, as they walk, sweep the path before them, for fear of stepping on insects. Some have children, and a sub-category of that broader category attempt to live out their unfulfilled dreams through those children. Some whirl around in dizzy circles until their consciousness of self is lost in a state of trance. Some work and work and work and work. Some build up their muscles, and constantly watch their weight. Some find solace in daytime TV. Some climb a mountain, and then a higher mountain. Some dive to the depths of the ocean. Some stand on terraces and shout abuse at the opposition’s players. Some pay obsessive attention to the stock-exchange every morning. Some say prayers of gratitude before falling asleep. Some cry themselves to sleep, they are so alone. Some round up entire families, entire villages, and slaughter them. Some stand in front of tanks, in front of guns, and refuse to move. Some trap monkeys, lash them to a leash and train them (the monkeys) to do tricks. Some sit in trees that are to be torn down to make room for another motorway. Some retire and then find themselves bored, and imagine themselves useless. Some cannot help cracking jokes, particularly when the conversation turns serious. Some try remember being born and they wail, they cry, they break down, defences shattered. Some buy diamonds. Some shoot birds. Some examine their shit for fear of disease. Some tie a length of rope to the ceiling, wrap the other end around their neck, kick the chair from under their feet, and dangle, dangle. Some work and receive no gratitude. Some work and receive no money. Some look in the mirror for what seems a long, long time and cannot believe the years went by so fast. Some play the accordion, turning air into joyous raucous waves of sound. Some collapse with the laughter. Some put frogs in microwaves. Some strangle their wives. Some close their eyes and focus intently on their breath. Some have sex every night and yet every morning feel depressingly empty. Some by their selfless actions are vehicles for what some perceive to be God. Some rent out DVD box sets of entire TV series and do not leave their bedroom for an entire week, then return, bleary-eyed, to the streets. Some are subject to ridicule, some to adulation. Some although tired of living are afraid of death. Some evade taxes. Some vote for a particular politician and then a year later feel cheated, yet point an accusing finger anywhere, everywhere, but at themselves. Some are witnesses to acts of such depravity you wonder how they still manage to smile, and laugh. Some build hospitals for sick birds. Some sit by the shores of a pond and write, and write, and write…


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