About Who? About Me (Yippee!)

Here is where I’m supposed to introduce myself, and hope you like the introduction enough to continue reading my blog. Thing is, I don’t really know how to go about this. Should I stick to the facts or should I make something up? See, I’ve never been particularly good at what some in the industry refer to as ‘selling oneself’ or ‘networking’, both of which terms come across as horribly cynical.  What, then, can I say here, on this ‘About Me’ page, that will tickle your curiosity to a degree sufficient enough to make you want to read the blog?

Ok, first off, some facts:

1. I live in a city in southern China, where I teach English as a foreign language.

2. Which will probably come across as pretentious, but I guess I’m curious about what it means to be human. And in China there are a lot of humans. I like to write about them.

3. I like to write about what I observe in China. A kind of amateur anthropology would be one way of putting it, I guess. This is a big place. A lot of information whether I like it or not flows into my brain everyday. And by writing I try, maybe in vain, to make sense of that ceaseless flow of information, which information includes, among other things, how people relate to one another, why people do what they do, the things people do to feel less alone, the things people do to deal with fear… Plus, writing about other people I find I indirectly write about myself. An unexamined life, said Socrates, is not worth living.  

4. I am not ashamed of changing my opinions.

5. I’m alive.

The thought has just occurred to me that what’s going on here is like a job interview or skewed and weird first date. Here I am, telling you about myself, my background, my likes and dislikes, my dreams, the philosophies by which I understand the world. What’s weird and skewed, though, is that I don’t even know who you are, reader. You’re sitting in front of a screen reading this, your face maybe (if I’m lucky) registering a panoply of responses to what you’re reading. But I have no idea how you’re responding. Are you shaking  your head? Are you smiling? Is your expression blank? And there other questions, too, like: Are you a man? Are you a woman? Are you transgender? Are you American? Indonesian? Brazilian? Are you from Pakistan?

I’m not from Pakistan.

But (even though I am not from Pakistan) I will publish a new post, for mostly arbitrary reasons, every Tuesday and Friday. These posts will consist of a mix of fact and fiction.

Enjoy, and comment, and engage me in debate.

And thank you.

I mean that.


5 thoughts on “About Who? About Me (Yippee!)

    • Hi Eric,

      I’ve just read your post. Thank you for featuring me. It means a lot. Your writing has inspired me to delve deeper, to be as honest as I possibly can, and, while writing, to not be afraid of making myself vulnerable.


  1. You write very well. Pretentious, toi? TEFL is a great way of seeing the world. If you want to move around free of the language, check out HelpX.com and mindmyhouse.com – great ways of meeting people and seeing life lived.

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